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Green Day, 31 January 2017, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam Jo Harman, 9 February 2017, Paradiso, Amsterdam Elvis Costello, 8 March 2017, Carre, Amsterdam Sting, 5 April 2017, Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam The Veils, 17 April 2017, Paard van Troje, The Hague Dream Theater, 25 April 2017, Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam Depeche Mode, 7 May 2017, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam Kiss, 24 May 2017, Ahoy, Rotterdam Green Day, System Of A Down a.o., 3 - 5 June 2017, Pinkpop, Landgraaf Radiohead, Foo Fighters a.o., 29 June - 2 July 2017, Rock Werchter, Werchter (B) U2, 29 & 30 July 2017, Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam

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Tom Verlaine

Tom Verlaine

Born Thomas Miller in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1949. Verlaine (who borrowed his artist name from the French poet) was trained as a pianist but got interested in rock music because of The Rolling Stones. In 1968 he moved to New York where he formed the Neon Boys with Richard Meyers (aka Richard Hell) and drummer Billy Fica. In the early 70's Richard Lloyd also joined on guitar. In 1973 the band changed their name to Television. Debuting with an impressive (but hardly commercial) 12" (or 2 x 7") single in 1975, "Little Johnny Jewel", Television became one of the great bands of the New York punk-rock scene often playing alongside the Patti Smith Group, Ramones and Talking Heads in CBGB's and later also in Max's Kansas city. By that time Hell had left to start the Heartbreakers with guitarist Johnny Thunders. He was replaced by ex-MC5 and Blondie bassist Fred Smith. "Little Johnny Jewel" attracted the attention of major record labels. The band signed with Elektra and started working on their debut.

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Pete's 2 Cents

2 Cents

"Two cents" of guitar

Asked to write something for this webpage I could only come up with one single subject: the guitar... I can't claim having any skills on the guitar worth mentioning, but I think I do have some experience in guitar-tone. I improved on the motto to "try everything and keep the good stuff" by replacing it with "I like to avoid making mistakes by learning from others". Needless to say, there still have been plenty mistakes of my own my making along the way. And so, with this article I'd like to contribute to help others avoid my mine. Also, to put it into a guitar-analogy: it would be nice to help cancel out some of the humbug and myths like humbuckers do with hum...

Since tone is subjective and so many factors influence guitar-tone, it's sad but inevitable that the internet is filled with impolite debates, hypes and nonsensical noise on the field of guitar tone. And then there's commerce. Companies want to sell products and they can happily claim to produce just those products that give even the most average guitar-player all the mojo they need to feel like real rock-stars. And who would deny wanting to be a rock-star!

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Live Reviews

Roger Hodgson

, Carré, Amsterdam 2/9/2015
Roger Hodgson and band

Roger Hodgson is the former lead singer of Supertramp and the songwriter of their biggest hits. Well-informed fans must've known that Hodgson has been performing a lot of Supertramp songs during his latest tours. The majestic theatre Carré (capacity: 3000) was sold out. Hodgson (65) was obviously thrilled to be playing in such a great, packed venue. It was 15 years ago since he last played in Amsterdam.



The Story Of Big Star

Big Star, 1972

Looking back, Big Star seems to be one of the most unfortunate names a band could ever choose. Big Star wanted to conquer the world with beautiful music but they never even came near chart succes. During the band's existence (1971-1975) they only sold a couple of thousands of records. When Alex Chilton decided to call it quits in 1975 it seemed that Big Star's music would be forgotten. Since the end of the seventies however the band's cult-status has grown to nearly mythical proportions. Big Star became a source of inspiration for many rockbands during the 80's and 90's. "#1 Record" and "Radio City" are considered highlights in the powerpop genre while "Sister Lovers/The Third Album" is often mentioned as one of the masterpieces of 70's rockmusic.

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