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Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

, Paard (small hall), The Hague 31/10/2017
Chuck Prophet

Chuck Prophet went solo when the semi-legendaric Green On Red disbanded in 1993. So, he's been a solo artist for a lot longer now than his previous band lasted. Especially since 1997's Homemade Blood he's been releasing fascinating albums of high quality. His latest album, "Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins" (Feb 2017), is full of Prophet's typical blend of Rock, Singer-songwriter music and witty lyrics. The seven songs from the new album are all entirely convincing, performed by an excellent band (Kevin White, Vicente Rodriguez, James De Prato). In between songs Chuck likes to chat up the audience. There are a lot of seniors on this night, perhaps because it's a Tuesday and Halloween as well. This all passes in a very relaxed and funny atmosphere 'cause Chuck is a great storyteller and rock 'n' roller. Simply a great night.

Setlist: Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins / Lonely Desolation / Bad Year For Rock And Roll / Doubter Of Jesus (All Over You) / You And Me Baby (Holding On) / Temple Beautiful / Coming Out In Code / Jesus Was A Social Drinker / You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp) / In The Mausoleum (for Alan Vega) / We Got Up And Played / Open Up Your Heart / Summertime Thing / Countrified Inner City Technological Man / Wish Me Luck / Willie Mays Is Up at Bat / Castro Halloween

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