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Gaz Coombes

, Rotown, Rotterdam 12/4/2018
Gaz Coombes

The former Supergrass-frontman played in Rotown just a couple of weeks before the release of his third solo album. And the 5 new songs from the forthcoming "World's Greatest Man" were all excellent. Only the first single, "Deep Pockets", was familiar to some. Gaz plays solo, assisted by a drumcomputer and a looper pedal. That he handles this with great ease can't be a surprise since he recorded about 90% of the music on his solo albums. The small but atmospheric Rotown is packed and seems aware that this is a major musical talent at work. For the quieter songs Gaz asks attention and he gets it too. Considering that "Matador" was the first solo album where he found his way it's amazing that people are hardly asking for Supergrass songs. They realize that this is a special guy. Gaz holds out 'till the last encore before he treats the audience on an acoustic version of the Supergrass song "Moving". A wonderful night. Gaz Coombes's music really deserves attention.

Setlist: Oscillate / Hot Fruit / White Noise / Buffalo / Shit (I've Done It Again) / One Of These Days / Walk The Walk / Deep Pockets / Oxygen Mask / Seven Walls / The Girl Who Fell To Earth / 20/20 / Detroit
Encore: The Oaks / Matador / Moving

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