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, Tivoli, Utrecht 28/10/2014
Morrissey strips

The anticipation for Morrissey's performance in Tivoli was high because it was four years ago since his last show in Holland. For me it was the first time I witnessed him perform. As well as the first time in this impressive, large hall of Tivoli. The place was absolutely sold out and the atmosphere electric. Before the concert we could watch an enjoyable compilation of clips with some of Morrissey's favourite music (incl. Ramones, New York Dolls but also Chris Andrews). The band took the stage, wearing 'Fuck Harvest' shirts (a beef with the record company), with a ferocious version of "The Queen Is Dead".

They only slowed down after five songs with "Certain People I Know" before the man finally spoke some words to the audience. Despite his recent health problems Morrissey appeared in great shape while his political/social comments were as sharp as ever. Besides Harvest, the Royal house and the pharmaceutical industry got a beating. During "Meat Is Murder" (one of three Smiths-songs played tonight) a movie with shocking images of animal abuse and slaughter was shown. Meanwhile Tivoli was summoned to arrange that it was meatfree all day.

The songs from the diverse new cd "World Peace Is None of Your Business" worked really well. "Kiss Me A Lot" and "The Bullfighter Dies" had more punch than on the cd while there was more room for the Spanish guitar (by Jesse Tobias) during "Staircase at the University". Although the older Morrissey singles and Smith-songs are among the highlights as expected, Morrissey included 9 songs from the new album. This could be a risk since it's not a classic (just very good) but it sounds completely natural. The man's got so many great tunes to choose from. The band's playing, led by the loyal Boz Boorer (who joined in 1991), is solid and passionate. Overall a very convincing performance. Looking forward to his next visit.

Setlist: The Queen Is Dead / Suedehead / Speedway / Kiss Me a Lot / Certain People I Know / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Istanbul / World Peace Is None of Your Business / Staircase at the University / One of Our Own / Trouble Loves Me / The Bullfighter Dies / Neal Cassady Drops Dead / Meat Is Murder / Yes, I Am Blind / Kick the Bride Down the Aisle / I'm Not a Man / Asleep / Everyday Is Like Sunday

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