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Roger Hodgson

, Carré, Amsterdam 2/9/2015
Roger Hodgson and band

Roger Hodgson is the former lead singer of Supertramp and the songwriter of their biggest hits. Well-informed fans must've known that Hodgson has been performing a lot of Supertramp songs during his latest tours. The majestic theatre Carré (capacity: 3000) was sold out. Hodgson (65) was obviously thrilled to be playing in such a great, packed venue. It was 15 years ago since he last played in Amsterdam.

From the first lines of opener "Take The Long Way Home" it's clear that the man's voice is still in fine shape. When that's followed by "School" you notice what an excellent band he's got. Especially multi-instrumentalist Aaron McDonald's contributions are remarkable. He switches between clarinet, backing vocals and keyboards in one song with great ease. Besides the hits there are some lovely album tracks that you nearly forgot ("Soapbox Opera", "Even In The Quietest Moments", "Two Of Us") as well as some of his best solo songs.

The crowd loves it all and often stands up to applaude for a long time. No wonder since all of his hits come by (when "Breakfast In America" starts everyone cheers happily). Hodgson explains that he wrote the song in the 60's, you wonder why they didn't record it before 1979. He often plays the acoustic guitar but switches to electric for "Had A Dream", the opener after the break. Inspired by the venue and the crowd Hodgson comes back for an additional encore playing for over 2 hours and 21 songs (incl. 15 x Supertramp). A terrific night. If there's any point of criticism to make it may be that he doesn't have any new songs to support his tour. But as he explains somewhat cynically, his last excellent studio album "Open The Door" was "only released in France and sold 4 copies". I'm sure though that tonight the merchandising sold more than that.

Setlist: Take The Long Way Home / School / In Jeopardy / Lovers In The Wind / Breakfast In America / Along Came Mary / A Soapbox Opera / Hide In Your Shell / Lord Is It Mine / The Logical Song / Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy) / Even In The Quietest Moments / Only Because Of You / Child Of Vision / Death And A Zoo / If Everyone Was Listening / Dreamer / Fool's Overture / Two Of Us / Give A Little Bit / It's Raining Again

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