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October 15, 2019 The Current: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees
June 26, 2019 Pitchfork: Thom Yorke Anima
June 11, 2019 Cnet: Apple Music vs Spotify
June 4, 2019 CNBC: Apple is shutting down itunes
May 22, 2019 The Current: Rolling Stones return songwriting credit to The Verve
March 25, 2019 The Guardian: Scott Walker - pop hero - dies
December 20, 2018 Music Business: Spotify settles with Wixen
November 13, 2018 Variety: Chis Cornell tribute ft. Foo Fighters, Metallica, Soundgarden
November 8, 2018 Rolling Stone: The Beatles White album super deluxe
October 2, 2018 Variety: Geoff Emerick dies at 72
June 9, 2018 Billboard: Some Girls, 40 years ago
March 25, 2018 BBC: Apple music's Jimmy Iovine on streaming services
February 20, 2018 Billboard: Gibson takes steps to pay-off debt
December 29, 2017 CNN: Ringo Starr and Barry Gibb knighted
November 24, 2017 Washington Post: The bittersweet brilliance of Tommy Keene
November 7, 2017 Android Authority: Google assistant recognize songs
October 22, 2017 Udiscovermusic: Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie dies
Gord Downie
October 3, 2017 Rolling Stone: Tom Petty, rock icon, dead at 66
Tom Petty
September 27, 2017 Reverb: The essential alternate tunings
September 25, 2017 New Yorker: The courage of soul singer Charles Bradley
September 3, 2017 Rolling Stone: Walter Becker (Steely Dan) dead at 67
Walter Becker
July 2, 2017 The Converstion: Redefining the rock god
June 16, 2017 NPR: Bob Segers music finally online
27/5/2017 Rolling Stone: Gregg Allman, southern rock pioneer, dead at 69
2/5/2017 Rolling Stone: Radiohead OK Computer 20th anniversary
29/12/1994 Rolling Stone: Chris Cornell interview
18/3/2017 Huffington Post: Rock 'n' Roll legend Chuck Berry dead at 90
16/3/2017 Washington Post: Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello collaboration
6/2/2017 Mojo: David Axelrod 1933-2017
25/1/2017 Uncut: Intelligent turntable
24/12/2016 Rolling Stone: Rick Parfitt, Status Quo, dead at 68
17/11/2016 Uncut: Bruce Springsteen awarded presidential medal
13/10/2016 Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan awarded Nobel prize
10/10/2016 Mojo: Paul Weller supergroup play concert
24/09/2016 Vice: The story of AllMusic
20/6/2016 NME: Trailer for Ron Howard's Beatles documentary
16/6/2016 Guitar Player: Jimmy Page questioned on influences on Stairway to heaven
22/4/2016 New York Times: Prince, an Artist who defied genre
20/4/2016 Rolling Stone: 4 Questions about AC/DC and Axl Rose
16/4/2016 Fortune: Vinyl record sales at a 28-year high
31/3/2016 Rolling Stone: 100 Greatest drummers of all time
22/3/2016 Uncut: McCartney launches bid to reclaim Beatles catalogue
11/3/2016 Guitar World: Clapton explains how his Gibson SG works
9/3/2016 LA Times: George Martin dies
19/1/2016 BBC: Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, 67, dies
11/1/2016 Rolling Stone: David Bowie dead at 69
22/12/2015 Rolling Stone: Cheap Trick Hall of Fame Reunion
22/11/2015 Guitar Player: 50 Best guitar pedals
6/11/2015 Rolling Stone: Lennon 75th birthday tribute
6/11/2015 Guitar Player: Pedalboards: How to build the perfect system
2/10/2015 Uncut: Budget supermarket launches music streaming service
1/9/2015 NME: UK supermarket Tesco to start selling vinyl
25/8/2015 Uncut: Grateful Dead announce last tour dates
29/8/2015 Rolling Stone: Big Pink house for rental
13/8/2015 Guitar Player: Top 10 concept albums of all time
21/7/2015 Rolling Stone: 25 Worst original names of famous bands
13/7/2015 Guitar Player: 46 Chord shapes you must know
29/6/2015 MOJO: Chris Squire: 1948 - 2015
21/6/2015 U Discover music: The 50 Greatest Bass players
12/6/2015 Uncut: 50 Best singer-songwriter albums
31/5/2015 Lust For Life: The Replacements in Paradiso
20/5/2015 Ultimate Classic Rock: Lynyrd Skynyrd - One more for the fans
15/5/2015 Rolling Stone: BB King blues legend dead at 89
8/5/2015 Uncut: 100 Best debut albums
1/5/2015 Uncut: 50 Best bootlegs
29/4/2015 Rolling Stone: 50 Greatest live albums of all time
22/4/2015 The Guardian: Lemmy: 10 of the best
22/4/2015 U Discover: George Harrison's Beatles' songs
22/4/2015 Uncut: Johnny Marr criticises Record store day scalpers
21/4/2015 Consequence of Sound: Dave Grohl announces supergroup
19/4/2015 VH1: Paul McCartney inducts Ringo Starr in Hall of fame
17/4/2015 Uncut: Greatest lost albums
15/4/2015 NU: Omzet digitale muziek groter dan cd's
13/4/2015 Diffuser: 10 Best cover songs
8/4/2015 Uncut: American Pie lyrics worth 1 million dollars
2/4/2015 Guitar Player: Slash reveals guitar manual
28/3/2015 AD: Golden Earrings wall preserved
24/3/2015 Rolling Stone: The 10 best jam bands
23/3/2015 Guitar Player: Black Sabbath announce final show
17/3/2015 Uncut: Sinead Connor stops performing Nothing compares 2u
27/2/2015 Uncut: Radiohead have changed their method again
19/2/2015 MOJO: New Blur album is Graham Coxon's fault
10/2/2015 Rolling Stone: Shirley Manson on Kanye West after Grammy's
1/2/2015 The Toronto Star: New Rush tour could be last
27/1/2015 Uncut: Chris Robinson on the Black Crowes split
27/1/2015 Loudwire: Scott Weiland never in supergroup Art of Anarchy
21/1/2015 Rolling Stone: Garage rockers The Sonics return with Bad Betty
17/1/2015 Guitar Player: Ten overlooked, essential solos of the 70's
9/1/2015 Free Musketeers: Voetbalplaatjes maar niet van Panini
7/1/2015 Billboard: Neil Young explains Pono once more
4/1/2015 Uncut: Michael Stipe plays surprise debut solo gig in New York 15/8/2014 Landr: Do's and don't of demo submission 16/6/2012 The Tri Chordist: Letter David Lowery to Emily White
3/9/2009 Rolling Stone: Why The Beatles broke up

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